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nima shoghi is a multi-versed filmmaker with experience in virtually every job on set, not to mention pre-production and post. he has worked on feature films, commercials, music videos, and branded content for some of the industry's biggest namesjason reitman, courteney cox, sean william scott, nelly, ray-ban, and bcg.

HIS EXPERIENCE WITH PRODUCING, WRITING, DIRECTING, AND EDITING RAISE THE LEVEL OF HIS PRODUCTIONS TO ONE WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND ATTAINABLE. HE HAILS FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S SAN fernando valley, but was born in iran. His family fled Iran in fear of religious persecution, when he was 2 years old, and sought political asylum in America.. he has lived in falls church, virginia and knoxville, tennessee, but calls southern california his home. he got his start in filmmaking at the age of 20 when he created a one hour documentary series for the first ever 24 hour iranian-american channel, which broadcasted programming into iran without permission or censorship from the iranian government (nitv). his program, titled "life", showed the liberties that iranian-american youth enjoyed in america. unfortunately, the program didn't last long on the channel as death threats began coming in from overseas, deeming the show to be subversive toward the iranian government. nima at the age of 20 wasn't ready for such a response to his work, but without missing a beat, he continued honing his skills in the art of communicating powerful imagery and ideas through other forms of content.

His focus now is collaborating with clients and creatives to bring visceral and meaningful content to the big screen, TV, and the internet for audiences all around the world to enjoy.